Instructions for your most important discount!

Step 1. Add 1 or more products to your shopping cart. This discount only works when your cart total reaches $50 including GST. Below I have added a 4L White Gold Coconut Oil pail to the cart. Next, I will “view cart” on the Cart page. I have not yet gone to the checkout page. DO NOT GO TO CHECKOUT PAGE YET.

Step 2. Click on “View Cart”, and you will be taken to the Cart page. Look for the square with the word “Coupon” in it. It is on the left side.

Step 3. Overwrite the word “Coupon” with your Coupon code. The one that we have told you to use.


Step 4. Click on the button which says, “Apply coupon”. Now Check below on the same page, and you will see if the coupon has been applied.

Step 5. Search below the red words, “Cart totals”, below that, “Subtotal”, below that is “Coupon:”. Next to that is the total discount from your coupon. You can see that the coupon called “example” is worth nothing. So don’t bother using that coupon code. : 0

Step 6. Above the line with “Product, Price, Quantity and Subtotal” is the thin green line with a green circle with a white tick mark. This indicates the coupon was applied properly.

The Coconut Oil Shop Team trust this was an informative page. Please let us know if you have any trouble. We’re here to help you make a purchase. Just use the Contact page.