Shy Sheep Shopping, a family-owned online business is responding to our community

We set up this family-owned online business website in 2013 to sell Organic Coconut Products. We are about to stop doing so at ShySheep.com.

www.CoconutOilShop.co.nz is still selling Coconut Products.

Now we’re in December 2021, since the great retail reset where some retailers don’t or can’t allow certain people to browse products in their store, we have noticed a change in our existing customers’ buying patterns.

That’s why we’re expanding our family-owned business offering beyond Organic Coconut Products.

To be more specific let’s explain it like this. In December 2021 the world of retail changed for everyone in New Zealand. Members of the community associated with this website have been losing jobs and some of them are shut out of their favourite shopping locations. We’re here to help fight back.

We created the category, “Orginal Artwork” to meet this need in our community.

Have you noticed Bulk Unrefined Coconut Oil is trending?

Buy from the Smith Family in Southland, New Zealand. We’re a family that started using Virgin Coconut Oil in 2003 (12 years before the fever hit the media). Below you’ll see two popular options from our shop. The Coconut Oil Shop header image is gone, but the people have not. We’re still here.

$38.00$213.00Select options

White-Gold-4-L-Pail - Send around Australia

$128.70$247.70Select options

The Smith Family are not driven by trends. We started using Bulk Virgin Coconut Oil before it was trendy. That’s why we sell Organic Coconut Oil, Coconut Dry Goods, and Liquid Goods. We use them at home. In addition, since the great retail reset of December 2021, we will be adding new products, where we trust the supplier, but may not use them at home. This is going to be good for businesses with products we stock.

Neil Smith

Most people who deal with us love that we’re just a family sharing our lifestyle with others. Now we’re sharing our knowledge, experience and products outside New Zealand as well.

Our first major website was www.CoconutOilShop.co.nz if you are new to Coconut Oil, and want to learn more, we suggest you go there are grab our little booklet, Coconut Oil Basics.

Introducing the Coconut Oil Shop range of Coconut Oils, Coconut Liquids, and Coconut Dry Goods. Click on an image below to go straight to the selected range.

Coconut Oil: view our Virgin Coconut Oil range

Coconut Liquid: view Coconut Liquids range

Coconut Dry Goods: view Dry Goods range

Rapid purchases and reorders for Coconut Oil Shop Customers

This website, ShySheep.com offers you fast purchases if you create a login for reorders.

The CoconutOilShop.co.nz website is for leisurely learning.
At ShySheep.com items can be purchased by:

  • credit card
  • NZ bank deposit
  • or New Zealand cheque

Quantity discounts are applied for many items. More of the same product you buy the cheaper the unit price, so try adding 2 or more of the same item to the cart, and you will see the per-item price and the total price in the sidebar on the right.

The Great Retail Reset | December 2021

People in New Zealand are currently reconsidering who they do business with. We have been in this online retail space for a long time. As a result of the sudden changes people are facing, we, the Smith Family will start to stock a broader range of products on this site.

What happens when you click “Add to Cart”?

On this website when you click “add to cart”, your item is added to the cart, but you remain on the same page, so you can browse other items.
You can go to the “Cart” by using this link. http://ShySheep.com/cart

Once you are happy with the purchases in your cart, at the bottom of the page you’ll find two links.

  1. Proceed to checkout
  2. PayPal checkout

Use one or the other.

Below you’ll see our virgin coconut oil range. Please use the category list in the sidebar to search for products. Free postage within New Zealand for orders over $59.99.

Before you go…
Make sure you grab the free guide called Coconut Oil Basics. It is available over at www.CoconutOilShop.co.nz click on that website address to get there.

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